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Do you need a DNA Test?

Debating wether you’re the father puts an emotional toll on a relationship. You may need to prove to the father of your child that he is, indeed the father. A paternity test will solve these problems. You need to know the truth. iTest DNA promises DNA Results You Can Trust.

Why Choose iTest DNA

iTest DNA is an industry leader in DNA Testing. We’re working to provide you with an answer to life’s toughest question - are we related? As an A rated BBB company we are trustworthy and ethically responsible. We are recommended by attorneys and the Maricopa Superior Court.

All laboratory testing is performed by an AABB accredited laboratory. The AABB is the regulating body for all DNA labs. Each DNA testing case is unique and we guarantee professional DNA Case Management services. Our case managers are NADCM and AABB Certified.

Get a DNA Test

iTest DNA has offices in Phoenix, it’s surrounding cities and nationwide. iTest DNA offers legal and private testing options. iTest DNA primarily offers DNA @Home testing. We send you a kit and you collect the samples on your own. Samples are returned and immediately tested. Results are fast! Results are Guaranteed Accurate.

Results are released digitally by email and text message. Results by US Mail or courier are available on request. Standard testing time for paternity is 1-2 days. Extended testing may be necessary for sibling analysis, secret samples and in cases of low or degraded DNA.

Our rates are flat. We accept money orders and credit/ debit cards. Financing and Invoicing are available.

EASY and Efficient

iTest DNA Samples are collected in the convenience and privacy of your home. DNA Samples are cheek swabs. This painless efficient sample collection can be done by anyone. Upon request iTest DNA will provide you with the location of a professional sample collection facility. The DNA collector may request a small additional fee.


Our current flat rates vary by test. There are no hidden fees. In some cases we will accept very easy payment plans. See our most popular $100 DNA test here.


iTest DNA tests are performed in a cutting edge technologically advanced DNA lab. We do not cut corners in testing and promise our results are more accurate than the industry standard 16 marker test. Testing is performed by certified DNA technicians. According to AABB guidelines all exclusions are tested twice to ensure accuracy. We guarantee 100% accuracy.

iTestDNA serves all of Arizona, iTest DNA also provides Nationwide testing. Our collection network includes 2500+ locations in all 50 states as well as international testing options.