• Secret Paternity DNA - Forensic Test

Paternity DNA tests determine the likelihood that a man is the biological father of a child.

Tested parties include include mother + child + alleged father or child + alleged father. The mother's participation is advised. Mother's are included in paternity testing for free.

All iTest DNA tests employ the most technologically advanced, stringent and validated testing procedures. 

Testing occurs at 21-46 STR loci plus a gender marker. Results are 100% Accurate. 

Choose multiple testing options. 

Testing time for Secret DNA Paternity Testing is ~5-6 business days after samples are received at the lab. 

Rush testing options are available for an additional fee.

Results delivery by Email / Text / US Mail.

Secret DNA Testing is Collect and Send  

A test kit is not sent. You will download the forms and instructions necessary to complete the test today.

Send your samples today for the fastest results.

Return kits to lab via shipping or drop off in Phoenix.

Secret Paternity DNA - Forensic Test

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